Terms and Conditions 

Consultant Clinic is a trading name of Business Consultant Clinic Ltd provides screening on a best endeavors basis using test kits approved for use in the UK and Europe. An individual’s health status can change between sampling and reporting of results. All results are based on the sample specimen provided and do not take into account any clinical assessment or patient diagnosis. It is therefore imperative to closely follow sampling instructions and ensure a good quality of specimen collection. Specimens of poor quality may fail to process or provide inconclusive results on test instruments. These will not be refunded. In such cases, it is advised that the individual purchase a new test kit for a retest. Consultant Clinic prides itself on speedy sample turnaround and aims to provide these results typically within 24 hours of receipt of the sample. All test results are indications and not guaranteed.


This test is designed as a screening test for asymptomatic individuals and groups for travel or other purposes. In the event of a positive result and/or displaying symptoms of COVID-19, please follow current government guidelines and arrange for a confirmatory test via NHS.

Due to the constantly changing terms and conditions, individuals are responsible to assess the suitability of this test against the test requirements for their airline/destination country. Consultant Clinic is unable to provide any advice or guidance with regards to acceptance criteria for airlines/countries and accepts no liability for this.