FAQs for Consultant Clinic COVID-19 Testing

We send our test kits by DPD courier. You should receive your order within two to three working days of dispatch. 

Please understand there may be delays to DPD (FAQ’S) deliveries during the covid-19 pandemic crisis.

After you have completed the test and sent it off to the lab you will receive your results within 24 hours.

You will receive a personal email and text with your covid-19 test result.

Our tests are completely legal in the UK.

We are currently selling a self-swab throat and nasal home collection biological sample kit for the PCR test. This PCR test tells you if you have covid-19 at the time of taking the sample.

Our labs will look for the generic code of the virus using techniques called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a test we have been performing for 20 years.

Our laboratory is accredited by UKAS (the British government’s national accreditation body for assessing organisations that provide testing services).

The PCR test looks for the presence of the covid-19 virus on swabs taken from your nose and throat. It looks for the presence of the virus’s RNA (genetic material). It is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether anyone with symptoms is actively infected with the virus.

The virus may be present in the nose and throat of an asymptomatic person, that is someone who is not showing any symptoms of covid-19.

The test will also be able to confirm whether someone has the virus in their nose and throat for the 14 days or so before they show any symptoms.

Your covid-19 PCR swab test sample will be contained in a sealed test tube and it is not time sensitive. Some people who receive their test on a Friday or Saturday prefer to wait until Monday to take the sample and send it back. The time it takes to reach us will depend on Royal Mail collection times, so it is worth making sure of these. Be aware that there may be delays or changes to collection times during the covid-19 crisis.

You should dispatch your sample promptly to be sure of getting a timely result, but it is not time sensitive. Your kit will include all the packaging you need to return your sample safely and securely.

Your covid-19 PCR test sample will be sealed within a test tube. It does not require refrigeration.

As soon as we receive your throat swab, we will test it and we can give you the results on the same day.
There is no vaccine against covid-19 at this time.
If you have covid-19 you need to isolate yourself and everyone in your household according to the instructions provided by the government and the NHS.

The best place to get reliable, up-to-date advice on covid-19 is the NHS. This site also offers advice on caring for someone infected with covid-19 and has the latest advice on self-isolation. You can also find out more about the UK government’s test and trace system. Read this FAQ’S carefully.

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